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I let my Little Brother and Sister guess what the Smash Characters names where, and well, it was a mess

(Top is my brothers, Bottom is my sisters)


did someone just like that post??

I blathered on about fuck-knows-what because I’m pathetic, and someone liked it?? Even though I only tagged it as “trigger warning”??

was it because I talked about a Florida trip

I don’t understand

who goes and likes a post about self-loathing??

ah, but reading his stuff always inspires me to work and puts a smile on my face…

pathetic of me really





Resident Evil 1996 Opening.

no consistency, weeeee
drew this last night, it killed my back and hands

no consistency, weeeee

drew this last night, it killed my back and hands

dug up some old reference sheets I made of Wintress, decided to clean it a bit since I drew these on lined paper

Her arms/hands aren’t visible because she’s evidently shorter than she looks, which is why Winty floats most of the time. Usually only her nails are visible anyway.

even then, she’s literally a cartoon-villain OC, being 100% realistic would look weird was my excuse for being lazy.

only posting them cause I know Lucid loves her, and so I can remember her hair and rear-view of her robe

In regards to the Gaming Industry. (in the time of the information era)


This has been a long time coming, so don’t expect kind remarks here.

tl;dr: Leaks are wrong, don’t do it.

In regards of the Smash Leak, I’d like to ask the people who have a little consideration before doing anything of this sorts. Are you willing to stand in the firing line when you leak? Are you taking the concerns of the developer into consideration? YOU hurt developers when doing this! YOU hurt the industry by leaking information that is MEANT to be kept secret. You hurt people who want a surprise and want to see what’s behind the layers of the game ONCE it’s released.

You have no self-control, you don’t even bother thinking how this affects the industry and you keep on making things worse by doing this. The only thing you think of is how to spark a flame within the community, hyping people and rubbing people the wrong way.

If you are a playtester: YOU BROKE AN EMBARGO!!! You breached your agreement with the sole company who wanted you to test the game for bugs before it gets released. What you have done will get you fired! You possibly will get blacklisted from the industry so that you can never develop or test any games again.

You do not know the risks.

And this will not only affect you, but it will affect the industry as a whole. This. RIPPLE EFFECT. will cause publishers either to reveal too much or go completely off the radar so that we either know what we need to know or we know nothing at all. If they tell us everything, that means there’s VERY LITTLE margin of error and HEAVY pressure on the developer and the publishers as well. If they tell us nothing at all, the public will lose interest and they’ll know nothing about it, therefore affecting the sales figures. There is a VERY delicate balance to be kept when creating and making games published and public.

So I ask of you, dear gaming industry, to please take this into consideration before you cause a crash on the industry.

Nostalgia Ninja (@nostalgianinja)

Directly from my Twitlonger.  Please take note and please pay attention.  I’ll be avoiding my main Tumblr for a week to a week and a half due to this.